The two foulweather fans in question are Munster Addams and Christin “Kiki” Haws. Their team is, of course, the Chicago Cubs.

The purpose of this blog? To have a good time.

There are plenty of blogs and sites out there that delve into the serious business, numbers side of baseball. Those places are great and stats are wonderful. We like stats. But let’s face it: all numbers and no humans just suck the fun out of the game. We might come off as numbers haters, but we’re not. (Kiki’s note: I like analyzing baseball stats. I do algebra for fun. I have a very good relationship with numbers.) We’re just tired of the numbers trumping the players.

Here at Two FoulWeather Fans, we’re about the players, the team, and the game. We’re into the human element. And the humor element.

Because when your team hasn’t won a World Series in over a hundred years, a sense of humor is a must.

So check your numbers at the door and enjoy the people behind the batting averages and ERAs.

Don’t forget your umbrellas.


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