Padres Series–That’s All, Folks

Last night was a wild night in baseball. The Orioles squashed the Red Sox and the Rays pulled it out against the Yankees in thrilling one right after another victories. And the Braves collapse allowed the Cardinals sneak into the postseason.

Leading up to all of this late night drama (Kiki has a baseball hangover today) was the Cubs last ballgame of the season. And in a fashion fitting the season, they went out like they came in…with a loss.

Despite it being a rather bittersweet series (no matter how bad the season, we never like to see it end), we still managed to have some fun.

Done and done.

-Soriano with a three run homer, making Petco his bitch as Kiki called it.

-Milestones: Pena’s 100th walk of the season, Dempster getting 200 innings, and Castro with a 40 game on-base streak.

-Tony Campana making an ump jump out of the way as he tagged up and ran on a fly ball.

-The final fan fun: a fan fell asleep, so his buddy put a straw in his mouth and took pictures, much to Len and Bob’s delight.

-The final fan revenge: fans slow clapping beneath Len and Bob’s press box, much to Len and Bob’s annoyance.

-The final fan comeuppance: the slow clapping fan hurting his hands, much to Len and Bob’s vindication.

-Casey Coleman breaking up a no-no with a triple.

-Matt Garza getting a win for his last outing. Well deserved.

-Kids night! Including the debuts of Rafael Dolis and Steve Clevenger.

-Steve Clevenger getting is his first major league hit and making it a double.

-Len’s last pun: Deep Friar. Bob will need the winter to recover from all of them.

-Castro hitting a single while blowing a bubble, reminding us all that the game is supposed to be fun.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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