Mets Series–Let’s Not Make It Easy

The Cubs came away with 2 out of 3 on this series, but none of the games went smoothly and all of them could have gone either way. It’s late in the season for either of these teams to be causing these kinds of heart attacks, but that’s okay. It’s how we know we can still feel.

It also just adds to the fun.

"Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game."

 -The kids doing more on defense. Diving, sliding catches and stops. Fun to watch.

-The kids aren’t the only ones good at it. Randy Wells made a nice snag on a line drive.

-Of course, the kids aren’t perfect. LaHair and Campana “collided gently” trying to make a catch that ended with LaHair make a bare-handed catch.

-Never giving up. Barney tied in the 9th of the first game; there was a ridiculous back and forth in the second game right up until the end; and a six run spot in the top of the 11th of the last game.

-Castro keeping his hit streak alive. 12 games and counting. Also still counting down to 200 hits.

-Two bad calls in a row (calling LaHair safe at 3rd and out at home) leading Todd Hollandsworth, man of many words, to utter one classic sentence: “So none of that happened, right?”

-Colvin apparently finding his stroke and coming up with a couple of big hits and some RBIs. We’ve been waiting for this to happen.

-Dog Days at the park providing Len with ample opportunity for dog days jokes.

-LaHair continues to impress at the plate.

-Reed is a doubles machine.

-Keith on Pat’s suggestion that Lucas Duda’s middle name should have been Zippity: “He had better parents than that.”

-A touching and well done 9/11 tribute by the Mets.

Never Forget.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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