PSA–Don’t Be That Guy…Part Two

I know the season is almost over (or as the more witty among you might be thinking, it was over in May), but I feel that as we look forward to next season, I should pass on some advice that can also be carried into next season as well.

After two disappointing seasons in a row (shoutout to anyone who remembers the 90’s…or the 70’s), I’ve noticed a few trends, memes if you will, that need to die before next season. Like today. Right now. As soon as you’re done reading them. And that’s just because I don’t own a time machine.

-“At least the Cubs can’t lose today!” Said on any given day off. This was old in the 70’s. Stop it.

-“Playoffs/World Series/Wild card, here we come!” Said in response to any win, roster move, hiring, or firing. This was old in 1947. Let it die a natural death of disuse. Please.

-“Can I manage the game instead of Mike Quade?” No. You can’t.  Stop asking like you’re being original and witty. Also, judging by some of the calls you make, I’m not convinced you’re capable of doing a better job. In fact, I think you’ll do worse. Even completely sober.

I’m not saying this to be mean (well, maybe a little bit); I just want to help us fans better enjoy the game by improving the aspects of the game we can control.

Together, we can better the ballpark experience, both at Wrigley and online.

Thank you.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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