PSA–Don’t Be That Guy

According to various sources on Twitter, a (possibly drunk) Cubs fan heckled Marlon Byrd during batting practice at Miller Park, saying that he (Marlon) sucked. Marlon returned the favor by calling him pathetic.

Kids, I implore you, don’t be this guy.

I realize this has been a craptacular season and there’s not a person left on the team that you like, but let’s keep a little class, okay? There’s nothing endearing about heckling your own team. That’s what the other team’s fans are for. If you’re not feeling particularly generous toward your team, then I suggest you shut up, sit down, and drink your damn beer.

Or better yet, stay home. Why are you paying money to watch something you hate?

Furthermore, I’d like to implore you to show a little class to the players of the opposing team as well. There was a group of Cubs fans heckling a Diamondbacks player at the game I went to in April and I was overwhelmed with the urge to, as my grandmother would say, blister their asses.

There’s just no need for this kind of behavior (particularly these d-bags who were heckling the player for a batting practice ball, which makes so much sense; I want something, let me be a prick to you so you’ll give it to me). You want to insult an opposing player? Ignore him. It’s both effective and classy.

My point, kids, is that I don’t want you going to a game and making an ass out of yourself like this dickweed heckling Marlon Byrd. Have a little self-control and a little decorum.

Or save your money, stay home, drink beer, and bitch all about the Cubs on the Internet where no one really cares and it’s easier to ignore you.

That’s a win-win.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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