Playing Catch-Up

A few items that I meant to write about, but didn’t have the time (thanks, day job, for ruining my plans; we won’t blame me having fun).

-So long, Doug Davis. I wish you the best. I’m glad you got your ten years in and I’ll always appreciate the gem you pitched against the Yankees.

-Also, a fond farewell to Thomas Diamond, Augie Ojeda, and Fernando Perez. I hope you can all find new teams.

-Re: The uproar about Zambrano staying behind in Chicago while on the DL and then flying to Guatemala during the All-Star break to adopt a child and do some charity work…The trip was pre-planned; the DL trip wasn’t. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cubs organization worked with Big Z to make sure he was healthy enough to make that trip to Guatemala. The disrespect is on your end, Mr. Rosenbloom, not Big Z’s or the Cubs.

-RE: Ramirez turning down an All-Star Game invite…He said he’d have gone if he was asked on Saturday, but he was asked on Sunday. What a difference a day makes. Maybe he made that deal with his family. If he was asked Saturday, they’d go to Phoenix. If not, they’d go home. Maybe since this wasn’t his first All-Star Game, and maybe since he was starting, and maybe since he wasn’t the manager’s first choice, or even second choice, maybe he decided not to sacrifice his family time (as all ball players do during the year). There’s nothing wrong with family first. The disrespect is on your end, Mr. Kaplan, not Ramirez’s. I hope you don’t think so little of your family as you do Ramirez’s.

-Demp vs. Quade. I like how the media  tired to blow it up as a mutiny of some kind. The cracks of the Cubs facade are showing! Demp was the first one on the Quade bus and now he’s the first one off! Or in reality, Demp is competitive and a team player trying to save his battered bullpen and this isn’t the first time he’s argued about being taken out. Maybe not this heatedly on camera, but he has argued. Demp and Quade have handled the situation well despite the media still trying to stir things up.

-Speaking of the media, did you see this Byrd’s Nest? Guess it’s not just the fans noticing how Chicago Media treats certain members of the team.

-I said on Fry Sports Radio that I thought if Ryne Sandberg was manager of this team that the fans would eventually turn on him. I take that back.I think most fans wouldn’t turn on him. Most fans would curse everyone from the players to the front office for sticking him with such a lousy team. But fortunately for Sandberg, he’s instead doing well in the Phillies AAA.

Unfortunately for Mike Quade, he’s the Cubs manager and doesn’t get that pass.

It’s been a rough first half, kids. If you’re still watching, then I’m guessing you’re just hanging around to bitch.

Or you’re like me and your ego isn’t so tied to the win-loss record.

Bring it on, boys. I’m ready for it.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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