Royals Series–Kiki Only Watched One Game

It turns out both Foulweather Fans were out of town for this series, however Kiki was actually going to a game of it. So let’s consider this fun concentrated, even though the Cubs lost 3-2. Here are some highlights from game 2. Kiki sat in the first row right above the Cubs bullpen in right field.

Kiki has yet to ride the Marmol Coaster in person.

-We sat baking in the sun until the seventh inning. That’s love (my love for the Cubs, my bff Haley’s love for me ’cause she’s a White Sox fan).

-There was a Cubs fan sitting behind me that spent the entire game ragging and bitching about the team. He paid money to sit and complain. Fellow Cubs fans, I beg of you…DON’T BE THIS GUY.

-My revenge came when I got to turn to this douche and inform him that Russell was warming up in the pen. The look of horror on his face, the crush of his spirit, warmed my heart. Especially when Russell, despite this d-bag assuring the girl he spent the whole game trying to impress (but didn’t give a shit) that he would suck, struck out Melky.

-Back to back jacks are better in person.

-Edgar Tovar smiled and waved at me. Be jealous.

-I had the pleasure of watching Big Z, Marshall, Grabow, Samardzija, Lopez, and Russell warm up at various points.

-Cubbie Carpenter stretched a lot.

-Lester Strode gave a little boy a ball. It was very sweet.

-The pitchers in the bullpen have very elabroate hand jives that must be done with the bullpen catchers and Lester.

-I did watch the game, not just the bullpen.

-My bff Haley and I rocked it out to “I Got Friends in Low Places” karaoke. I missed the point of singing it, but I can tell you that neither of us needed to look at the board.

Coming soon…pictures!


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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