Gettin’ Goats

If you were alive and somewhat cognizant in the 80’s you’ll remember a bit of a flap over a song called “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which lead to the creation of t-shirts that read “Frankie Say Relax” which lead to more hubbub, bub.

Well, there’s a quaint little flap going on right now with the Cubs in regards to their own fashion choices. Players wore shirts that had a “no goat” symbol on the front and said “F**K the Goat” on the back.

From the hell being raised by some fans, you’d think a goat was actually harmed in the making of the shirts. The media are having (yet another) field day, acting as if the Cubs gave their grandmothers the finger.

The biggest offense I’ve seen so far is just the fact they’re acknowledging the Goat Curse at all.  But then there’s also those that are offended because they somehow translate the wearing of the shirt into the Cubs thinking they’ll play better if they wear the t-shirt because it’s the curse that’s making them play badly and that the wearing of the shirt will break the curse.

I don’t know. Follow me down on this one anyway.

First of all, the Goat Curse is part of Cubs history. Never mind if it’s real or not; it just is. It’s as much a part of the club as brick, ivy, and everything else you think of when you think of the Cubs. I don’t believe that the Cubs believe that they’re struggling this year because of a curse. It’s pretty obvious why they’re struggling. I think they’re just having fun with the curse as a way to keep from hanging themselves and I don’t understand the problem with that.

I also don’t understand how having fun with something is contradictory to doing your job.

Oh, right. This is baseball. This is serious business. You’re not supposed to have fun. You’re supposed to win. You can only have fun if you win. If you’re losing, you should be completely miserable.

This is something that I venhemently disagree with. I just cannot hold with the idea that you can’t have fun at work.

Having spent years working the sales floor in retail…the epitome of losing every day…I can tell you right now that having fun is the only way to make it worth your while. Having fun at work didn’t mean that I wasn’t doing my job or wasn’t trying to do my job well. It just made the work bareable.

The idea that the Cubs having a good time means they’re not putting in the effort or trying to do their job is bullshit. That’s the kind of thing you do when you’re just working for the paycheck.

Yes, this team is struggling. But again, let me remind you that you decreed this team to be terrible back in January. Don’t get offended at perceived slacking when you already called it. This team could be playing well and they still wouldn’t be good enough. Their troubles were well documented and that was before the injuries started piling up like the busy hour at a MASH unit. Stop clutching your pearls and getting the vapors over some t-shirts. 

They weren’t going to the playoffs this year anyway, remember?

The ire being raised about these t-shirts is just ridiculous. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be this much hubbub if the Cubs were winning. Or maybe we would. Not by the fans so much as by the media. Because they need something to write about.

And like I said before during the Big Z Bat Breaking Scandal, they’re tired of writing about how the team sucks, so they have to make the most of whatever they can. I have to say, though, with the t-shirts, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. I find it hard to believe that there’s not something more important concerning the Cubs to be reporting on.

Hell, cry about about Jeter going on the DL and not getting his 3,000th hit at Wrigley.

But for the love of all that’s unholy, let the children have their fun.

After all, you get to have yours.


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Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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