Marlins Series–Oh Yes, They Call It a Sweep

Sure, it was only two games, but that was two more than they won in Cincinatti and it’s the first time the Cubs have won two in a row in…well, a while. Yeah, Dempster had a shaky fifth that tied the game and Casey Coleman walked too many guys, but the team that showed up in Florida, didn’t look like the team that played in Cincy.

They had fun and so did we.

Soriano takes in the last regular season Cubs/Marlins game at Sun Life.

-There was a streaker. Really. And he apparently was a rally streaker because the Cubs ended up getting the win after they had a good laugh (Kiki: I thought Jeff Baker was going to hurt himself laughing).

-Reed being Reed. Making plays in the outfield and getting RBI doubles to draw first blood.

-Bob and Billy the Marlin counting down to the new park. As far as mascots go, Billy is on the less creepy end. Also Bob: “The one Yankees fan in the crowd made sure to heckle me.”

-Tony Campana with his first stolen base. Lots of first this week for Tony and we’re loving them.

-Pat telling stories on Ron Santo. The dental floss story was hilarious.

-Koyie Hill going three for three and crossing the plate three times. All hail the Patron Player!

-Despite the walks, Casey had a career high of 7 strikeouts.

-Len and Bob reading lips during a pow wow on the mound.

-Byrd going yard in both games. They couldn’t have been more timely.


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Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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