C’mon, get happy!

Today is Friday the 13th. *cue spooky music and some dude lumbering outside your sleepaway camp* I, for one, am not afraid, because I have a chicken hat and T-Rex guarding my desk.

First up, now that we’re well into the season I should give a little update on how the Clownshoes Express is faring in our fantasy league. Well, I’m not dead last! I believe that was my one goal for this rookie fantasy season and so far, so good. I’m currently in 8th place out of 10 teams.

I started off the season with Brian Wilson and Corey Hart on the DL, but I wanted those two on my team so I benched them in hopes of quick returns. I think this was a good choice, as both have put up good numbers so far. Now my 3B David Freese is on the DL and Geovany Soto appears to have an injury that I hope won’t put him on it too. Injuries are killing me, Smalls. I’ve only had to ditch a couple of players, thankfully. I may not have the best squad around, but I still feel like I’m dominating with pitching. If I can find a good mix at-bat then maybe I can even end the year in the top half of the league.

Now I feel I can get to the nitty gritty of this post. I want to talk about “fan” hate because it’s something that annoys me, and a lot of other fans, to no end.

I put fan in quotes because I don’t feel that these people are true fans. They’re just asshats who think they can hide behind a computer and not be held accountable for the utterly hateful bullshit they spew. I’m a fan of many things and these folks can be found in every fandom on the planet and I honestly liken them to people who claim to hate things, like a certain musical artist, for example, yet they constantly talk about them. It’s hard for me to believe you hate this band if you ALWAYS talk about them, even if you are saying how badly they suck.

Honestly, just because you don’t like a player doesn’t mean others don’t. In what way is it productive or “cool’ to constantly go on and on about how much so-and-so sucks, how horribly they play, how un-awesome their hair is, or any other silly shit that’s said? It’s my belief that people who say a player should be hit, especially something like “hit him in the head!” are terrible people. I’d bet that these same people have children and I seriously weep for the negative sports attitudes they’re passing on to their children.

Helmets and other protective gear only do so much when you get hit in the head. How about you talk to some football players who’ve suffered severe concussions or been paralyzed, or pro wrestlers who’ve been dropped on their heads and rendered quadriplegic, like Darren Drozdov. As someone who is involved in the pro wrestling business and who played football, I find it tactless, for lack of a better term, for someone to wish true harm on another person. Especially one they don’t actually know.

In addition, saying you play better than someone is a complete load of horseshit. You know how I know that? Because you aren’t in the Majors playing for any team. You’re not even in the Minors. You’re sitting on your couch dicking around on a computer and probably didn’t even play JV ball at your high school. So please, stop saying asinine things before you embarrass yourself further.

The entire spirit of The FoulWeather Fans blog is positivity. We love the Cubs, as well as other teams/players, and we love talking to other Cubs/baseball fans. It’s a sad state of affairs when these other so-called fans have to be party poopers and effectively ruin the fan experience for others. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to simply close Twitter because of ridiculous, child-like behavior from other “fans”. Reading things from these “fans” makes me hate being a fan, truly.

I can only hope that I’ll one day find other fans, like Kiki, who share the same positive outlook on being fans. We are Cubs fans. We enjoy watching baseball, even poorly played baseball, because it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and it’s the sport we love. Instead of being hateful about a bad game or series, be thankful you can sit back and watch a game, or listen to it on the radio. It’s a heck of a lot more fun to love and enjoy your team than it is to spew hate about others.

Billy Cub is happy and you should be too! Photo courtesy http://www.recsportswarrior.com.


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