Cardinals Series–Used Up All the Runs in the Second Game

It’s always painful to lose to the Cardinals, moreso to lose a series, and even moreso when one of those games is a bit of a blowout. That’s why we cling to the feel good of the second game.

Oh, and also to these fun moments…

And lo, the heavens did open up and rain down Cubs runs...

-A six-run inning followed by a four-run inning. Unfortunately, the Cubs used up all of their runs in that game, but we enjoyed them at the time.

-Jeff Baker being Jeff Baker. LEFTY! BAKER SMASH!

-Garza being the ultimate cheerleader to the point of climbing all over the dugout to congratulate a teammate.

-Nobody tarps a field like the Wrigley groundscrew. We don’t want them to come out, but we know the field is in good hands when they do.

-Theriot getting booed. Normally, we’re not big on the booing, but the first time he came up to bat, it was a little satisfying.

-Bill Kurtis singing the Stretch while throwing teddy bears. The man has style.

-A rare Cardinal fun moment: Kyle Lohse dressing up as Tony LaRussa.

-Samardzija’s 15 scoreless innings. Yes, he gave up three runs the next inning, but those fifteen were pretty sweet.

-Garza talking to himself every time he walks off the mound. Mic him.

-Koyie Hill hitting an RBI triple AND an RBI double. All Hail the Patron Player!

-Blake DeWitt in left field. Well, why the hell not?


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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3 Responses to Cardinals Series–Used Up All the Runs in the Second Game

  1. That picture is both scary and beautiful. I love storm pictures, when I’m nowhere near the storm site.

    I love Koyie so darn much. That’s why he’s our Patron Player. He’s not perfect, he’s not the best, but he busts his ass and that’s why we love him. Plus, the whole redneck saw accident thing, that’s a very lovable quality, to me.

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