D-Backs Series: Splitting Wood (and the Series)

This series illustrated a major hang-up the Cubs have: hitting with runners in scoring position. They can’t always depend on the long ball. However, theyd did battle and that is something worth watching.

Big Z and Garza having good games, the long balls they did get (hello, Soriano), and Barney and Castro teaming up again to work some RBI magic took out some of the bad taste of Casey Coleman’s bad inning and Dempster’s disaster (we hope he isn’t broken).

Despite beginning with a blowout and ending with a one-run loss with two excellent wins in the middle, there was some good fun this series.

"How dare you anger me with an accurate, tough call!"

 -Quade getting his first ejection. He showed a little piss and vinegar (even if the call was a good one and he admitted so later) and riled up his team to get the win.

-The ceremonial first pitch by Thor. The little girl from Adventures in Babysitting probably had a better arm.

-Snapping a four game losing streak. So sweet.

-Len and Bob checking on the lone fan in the upperdeck every game of the series.

-Koyie Hill’s first home run. We bow to our Patron Player.

-So many (harmlessly) broken bats. They’re going to have to plant a forest to make up for all of that wasted wood.

-Jeff Samardzija continuing to not pitch terribly. It’s a let down to the people expecting him to tank and we like that. (Kiki: I do not, however, like his facial hair.)

-Len and Bob trying to start a food rally during their concession tasting excursion.
Len: Every time I eat, we get a hit.
Bob: Keep eating.

-Back to back home runs by Soriano and Geo. How can that be anything but fun?

-Big Z trying to make it three home runs in a row.

-Garza getting his first win. He really deserved it. It was about time our favorite cheerleader got a W.

-Q giving Garza a hug after he came out of the game. He deserved that, too.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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2 Responses to D-Backs Series: Splitting Wood (and the Series)

  1. cohoon says:

    I concur …great series against an average team .. so right now that makes us average too! LOL

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