Blackout shmackout!

In every relationship there is the attentive person and the neglectful person. In the FoulWeather Fans relationship, I am that neglectful parent, letting my Cubbies run around the gift shop unattended, Twittering while the kids break collectibles and do inappropriate things with foam bats. I am forever grateful to the lovely Kiki for babysitting while I’ve been so terribly distracted this semester. I’m truly not worthy of her superb blog parenting skills. I bow to you, my FoulWeather Friend!

Being a part of the Cubs Nation and not living in the greater Wringleyville metro area is tough. I love Texas, I’m proud to be from here, but it’s just not helpful in this situation. With so many networks available to catch games, I always hope that I’ll get to see at least one Cubs game per week. So far this season I think I’ve seen two games, thanks to blackouts.

“Subject to blackout” is one of my least favorite phrases, right up there with “caffeine free” and “on size fits all”. There’s nothing worse than being taunted with a game, only to have it taken from you in favorite of a Yankees game (I swear I’m able to see a Yankees game any day of the week). Anytime the Astros play the Cubs I hope and hope that Fox Sports SW will air it, yet they rarely do. Usually they show a Rangers game instead. Let me tell you something, FSSW, fans in Texas do like the Astros, as well as the teams they play. One good season from the Rangers doesn’t make us all fans.

My saving grace thus far this season has been WGN, and ironically, TBS. It always feels wrong to watch a Cubs game without Len and Bob in the booth, I feel like I’m cheating on our commentators. Am I the only one who remembers TBS airing most of the Braves games once upon a time? What’s happened to Turner airing his own teams’ games?

So, my fellow FoulWeather Fans, if you aren’t in the Chicagoland area (or even if you are), tell me, how do you watch the Cubs games?

From the few games I’ve been able to see this year, I’ve been very impressed by Starlin Castro’s maturity and Aramis Ramirez new-found passion for the game (or at least for securing a contract for later seasons). If the Cubs can keep up this level of desire, they will do well this season. Yes, I know that’s a cliche, but there is always truth to cliche’s. If a team is working together and there is good clubhouse chemistry, then they team will do well.


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Greetings friends! Burnt Toast Weekly follows my journey from cooking challenged to, hopefully, cooking master! I’m a 33-year-old data entry ninja and Graduate student (on hold) from Central Texas who has never had much luck with cooking, but I really want to learn. With a little encouragement and assistance from friends my ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the kitchen to not have to eat out just to get by. I’d very much like to be able to one day do some entertaining, as well. So please, join me on this journey, comment, share recipes, and most of all, enjoy your visit to my blog.
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