Dodgers Series: Aaron Miles’ Revenge

Casey Coleman and Big Z both had bad days. The Ryan Dempster/Ted Lilly match didn’t showcase the two great pitchers we all know them to be. Defensive mistakes happened in plenty. The bats didn’t stay consistently hot. Aaron Miles kept buzzing around, getting in the way like a junebug insisting on dive bombing your head.

In the end, the wrong boys in blue won the series, but not for a lack of effort on the part of the good guys. At no point did this team roll over. They struggled, but didn’t say die. We love that.

Despite the rough weekend, we had some fun.

Even sitting on Starlin can't slow him down.

-Teddy vs. Demp. Okay, the pitching wasn’t spectacular on either side, but watching them face each other, pitcher vs. hitter, knowing how competitive they are. You know they were trying to best each other. That’s a good time.

-The umps so bundled up during the first game of the series that you could only see their eyes. One might think there was a 7-11 needing robbed on the baselines.

-The five run 8th. Those kinds of rallies, particularly when down three runs, are always fun to watch.

-Bob talking about selling his knees on eBay. Him knowing that you can’t sell body parts on eBay creeped Len out.

-Castro and Barney each getting at least three hits and three RBIs in game two. Those kids are going to be a lot of fun to watch for a long time.

-Big Z and Fukudome doing some hand jive, sumo thing before the start of the last game. We don’t know what it was, but it was adorable.

-Speaking of Big Z, he gave up five runs in the 1st inning and Twitter predicted an inevitable meltdown. Except it didn’t happen. Quade got more worked up arguing with an umpire over a call (which Z turned away from, smirking).

-Pat and Zonk thinking about doing the play by play for the unique way one ump called strikes.

-Randy Hundley talking to Bob about his son Michael. “He’s a lot bigger than you. I didn’t want to say anything cross to him.”

-Baker getting the go ahead hit off of a rightie. For the record, we loved Baker before it was cool and we know he can bust out against lefties, but it’s really fun when he breaks the mold to smack a few down on right-handed pitching.


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