Padres Series–Freezing, Stressful Wins

It was cold. It was windy. It was yucky. The weather forced a double header and two of the three games went into extra innings. And there were gulls. Lots and lots of gulls.

The sweep was not completed, but you cannot deny that the Cubs didn’t battle. This team is already more enterating to watch than last year’s. Fun was easy to find this series.

Not pictured: Thermometer reading 34 degrees.

-It’s 34 degrees at game time and Big Z is pitching in short sleeves. Hardcore awesome.

-The 7th inning stretches. Len singing in a snuggy, Jesse White sounding like a muppet (probably not intentional, but Kiki thought it was hilarious), and Robbie Gould claiming that the worse he sings the more the crowd seems to like it.

-Garza’s quality start. He racked up another 9 K’s and this time gave up fewer hits and no runs. I think we’re starting to see the pitcher we know he can be emerge.

-Bob talking about Comisky park, claiming there were stalagtites hanging in the bullpen.

-Tyler Colvin’s walkoff double and the subsequent victory celebration that was followed by a sprint to the clubhouse so guys call dibs on the closest heaters.

-The various seagull updates, not only on the broadcasts, but on Twitter, culminating in the gulls fighting over and dropping a huge chunk of pizza crust between the mound and home plate, momentarily stopping the game.

-Soriano’s 2-run shot. His at-bats are so much better this year. Instead of a guaranteed out, he’s bringing some hope to the plate.

-Bob saying that if he were a player/manager that he’d bench himself. Then going on further to describe an argument a player/manager could have with himself over a benching.

-Reed’s walkoff homer and the celebration. Samardzija’s hair flying around really added to the mosh pit feel.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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