Rockies Series–Rocky Mountain Lows

The series didn’t go as well we’d hoped, but the losses are easier against the team with the best record in baseball. It was an encouraging series, though. Sure the first game wasn’t that great, but the last game would have been lost in the first inning last year. This year, they battled. It’s something we like to see.

We like to see victory hugs, too.

 Despite the series loss, there was plenty of fun times.

-Keith Moreland instructing Judd Sirott to catch a fly ball. Zonk is no Ron and we’re kind of glad for that. He’s fun in his own way.

-Koyie Hill got his first hit of the season. A bunt. And he ended up scoring. All hail our Patron Player!

-Speaking of Koyie Hill scoring, Starlin Castro’s homer that scored him and Blake DeWitt. A three run homer is a good first homer of the season to get.

-Speaking of Starlin Castro hitting the ball, Bob Brenly commenting on Castro’s hitting streak: “He hit two balls on the team bus on the way to the ballpark this morning.”

-Speaking of hitting, Castro and Darwin Barney at the top of the order. In the words of @SipBlueKoolAid, BubbleGum Power Activate!

-Back to Bob again, he’s one of our favorite color guys, so it was fun listening to him make sure he got James Russell’s name right. After calling him Jeff all series, he finally got it right the first time on the last day.

-Russell coming into the game making everyone think Jeff Samardzija would be getting the start on Tuesday. And then he threw two pitches for the final out of the inning and plunged everyone back into uncertainty.

-Casey Coleman helping his own cause with a single, going first to third, and then scoring. We love a pitcher with offense.

-Len Kasper trying the fried Twinkie and then Len and Bob both trying Rocky Mountain Oysters. That’s Cubs baseball television at it’s finest. We think they should do a taste-testing at every ballpark they go to. The more questionable the better.


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Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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