All your Cubs are belong to us

It’s fantasy baseball season here on the ol’ interwebz, and we, your favorite FoulWeather Fans, are joining in on the fun.

My team, the Clownshoes Express, sadly only features one Cub to start the season – Geovany Soto. But not to fret, Cubs fans, mistress Kiki rounded up all the wayward Cubbies on her team, the aptly named All Your Carloses. Over at Kiki’s House of Carloses you’ll find Starlin Castro, Marlon Byrd, Demp, Big Z, Carlos Marmol, Randy Wells, Sean Marshall, Kerry Wood, and James Russell. Also she claims Patron Player Koyie Hill is her bench coach.

Ironically, Kiki’s team only features two Carloses. I had assumed she would draft a team of only Carloses, thereby securing world domination via one giant C-bomb (C-bombs now with 36.7% more Carlos!).

This will be my first season playing fantasy baseball, and aside from learning some strategies and how to really play, my main goal is to not finish dead last in the league. I’m fairly certain this is an attainable goal.

Even if I do finish last, my team has both Brian Wilson and John Axford on the pitching staff, so we should win an award for most magical facial hair.


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Greetings friends! Burnt Toast Weekly follows my journey from cooking challenged to, hopefully, cooking master! I’m a 33-year-old data entry ninja and Graduate student (on hold) from Central Texas who has never had much luck with cooking, but I really want to learn. With a little encouragement and assistance from friends my ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the kitchen to not have to eat out just to get by. I’d very much like to be able to one day do some entertaining, as well. So please, join me on this journey, comment, share recipes, and most of all, enjoy your visit to my blog.
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One Response to All your Cubs are belong to us

  1. unusual says:

    Holy crap! I couldn’t have said that any better 🙂

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