Sing It, Baby

According to this article twenty-eight Cubs participated in the first Cubs Idol during Spring Training last year. Judging by the article, it sounds like it was a train wreck with bits of talent and Coldplay. While it would be cool to have some video of this, particularly of Justin Berg and Darwin Barney since they won or Starlin Castro rapping in both English and Spanish, it’s the lack of documentation of the train wreck elements that I’m really lamenting.

Jim Adduci wore some sort of feathered costume. Brad Snyder dyed his hair purple. We’re missing out with the visuals here.

However, we can approximate one aspect of the experience which, depending on the outcome, could either have been train wreckish or merely eyebrow raising.

According to the article, James Russell sang Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Reasons”.

Look at this face:

(Credit to Dave Marzullo, WGN Radio)

Now picture that face singing this song:

 It makes you hope somebody takes some pictures and records some video if they do it again this year, doesn’t it?


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