The Patron Player of Two Foulweather Fans

The point of this blog is to have a good time and pay attention to the humans behind the numbers on the field. Really, there is only one Cubs player that could serve as our Patron Player here at Two Foulweather Fans and that player is, of course, Koyie Hill.

Doesn't he look fetching?

Koyie Hill doesn’t have the greatest numbers. The tablesaw accident didn’t help him, either. He had a bit of a down year last year. The smart fans complain endlessly whenever he gets playing time.

But any guy who says that he has one more than a dead man after hitting his first (and only) home run of the year and says that even his sister would hit better if she had more at bats and seems to genuinely realize just how lucky he is to be playing is a guy that we’re going to root for and root for hard.

He’s also really good with the pitching staff.

Strategic ass touching is important for a pitcher's self-esteem.

Particularly a young pitcher.

We look forward to another season of you as back-up catcher, Koyie Hill. Represent us well. We’re rooting for you.

In fact, we're ass over tea kettle.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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