Be Excellent to Each Other

This week I’ve done a great deal of contemplating concerning things I should be more grateful for. In fact, over the last year or two I’ve strived to change my personal outlook on life. My ultimate goal is to stop harboring negativity. Sure, I may think negative things, but if I stop myself from saying or typing them then I’m essentially stopping the spread of negativity around me.

Not being negative is the basic philosophy of Two FoulWeather Fans. We want our fellow sports fans to promote positive fan-girling (or fan-boying). We want you to root for your team, not against the opposition. What does rooting against someone get you, aside from a ton of negative karma floating around in the air. Promote happiness!

In my eyes, being a Cubs fan is the ultimate way to promote happiness. There’s no better way to be positive than to root for the perennial underdog. Wear your Cubbie blue proudly, regardless of where you live or visit. There’s no shame in being a Cubs fan.

Truly, there’s no shame in being a fan of any sports team. The only possible shame is in the type of fan you are. We all know “that fan” and loathe being the one stuck sitting by them at the stadium. The best thing we can each do is to not be “that fan”. Don’t perpetuate the negativity and hostility that ruins your fan experience. If we all work to not be “that fan” then the live game experience will always be a good one.

In other words, use the philosophy of Bill & Ted, who had many excellent adventures (and one bogus journey): Be excellent to each other!

Go Cubs, Go!!!

Video thanks to swagchamp69 over at YouTube.


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Greetings friends! Burnt Toast Weekly follows my journey from cooking challenged to, hopefully, cooking master! I’m a 33-year-old data entry ninja and Graduate student (on hold) from Central Texas who has never had much luck with cooking, but I really want to learn. With a little encouragement and assistance from friends my ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the kitchen to not have to eat out just to get by. I’d very much like to be able to one day do some entertaining, as well. So please, join me on this journey, comment, share recipes, and most of all, enjoy your visit to my blog.
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