The Introductory Umbrella of Two FoulWeather Fans

You know what a fairweather fan is: they only root for a team when they’re winning and disappear when they’re losing. An all-weather fan is someone who sticks with the team no matter what.

And then there are foul-weather fans. Foul-weather fans not only stick with their team no matter what, but they also find a way to have a good time even when their team is tanking faster than a New Year’s resolution diet and they don’t need liquor to do it (though, liquor is sometimes involved for purely unrelated enjoyment purposes).

We (Munster Addams and Christin “Kiki” Haws) are two such fans. As Cubs fans, it’s probably for the best as the light-hearted, enjoy ourselves approach saves our respective sanities.

Munster is new to the world of Cub-fan suffering. Kiki is a seasoned vet, having been introduced to and raised by the Cubs way of life by her mother, and is showing Munster the ropes.

Together they fight…well, mostly smart marks who take all of the fun out of the game.

Munster: Intro banter. Do you have a jumping off point?
Kiki: How about a cliff?
Munster: Oh. All I have is this anvil. And a backpack full of silverware. Weird.
Kiki: What? You didn’t get superhero suit and rocket skates?
Munster: No.
Kiki: Stupid acme delivery service.
Munster: I would really like a cape.
Kiki: We’ll have to see about getting you one. We’ll find you one to match your ugly shirt.
Munster: Purple Hawaiian shirt, green cape.
Kiki: That’s a stylin’ outfit right there.
Munster: And no pants, in honor of @GhostHarryCaray.
Kiki: That could be your baseball season outfit.

Munster: RAWR!
Kiki: Berg and Wells are apparently going to destroy Tokyo as part of their off season regimen.
Munster: Or they were auditioning for that new live action Yogi bear movie. Vicious bear…. but not too vicious.
Kiki: “Give us your pic-a-nic baskets!”
Munster: This is why you never see picnickers at Spring Training. Too many pitchers.

**Thanks to for the photo.


About Kiki Writes

Tragically unhip writer, rerun junkie, baseball floozy, and fat girl belly dancing. Land of Lincoln Cleavage Queen three years running.
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